How do I book an appointment?

All appointments are taken by phone (call or text), with a minimum of 3 hours notice. For 10am appointments, they must be booked a day in advance during regular hours. (for example: for 10am Monday morning has to be arranged Friday before I close). To book an appointment I require a name (whatever you want me to call you), your phone number (no blocked or payphone calls please), when you would like to book, how long a session you’d like, and any extras if you wish to add some.  If I am too busy to take your call, leave a message when would be a good time to call back.

When you arrive please come and knock on the SIDE door. I will not answer the door more than 5 mins before an appointment, unless you have texted me if it’s ok to come over earlier.

What is a ‘nude reverse’ massage?

I’m not sure who came up with the term, but a nude reverse massage means the lady and you are naked and you are allowed to touch her while she massages your body. A hj ending is a common way to finish this massage.

What’s included?

While I may not get to do everything on the list, the things that are listed here are things I am ok with and don’t cost extra. (UPDATED April 11 2024)


Hand Job

Foot Job



Touching my body

Licking my body (no vagina allowed)

Spanking my ass with hands

Multiple shots (can cum twice if booking for the hour session)

Rimming on me (I do not give rimjobs)

What’s not allowed?

Things I generally do not tolerate or like done to me. I will let you know if something is bothering me and tell you to politely stop.


Kissing with tongue

Intercourse with your penis

Anal with your penis

Finger in my ass

Finger in my mouth

Finger in my vagina

Biting hard on my nipples

Leaving hickeys, marks or bruises (don’t be so rough)

Strong scents or colognes (I realize you want to smell good for me, but I do have allergies to some things. Good soap and deodorant is enough)

Do you have a shower?

Yes, I have a shower for client use. The body wash is there for your use, or you may bring your own. I have clean towels and face cloths for extra scrubbing if need be ;). I do not join clients in the shower.

Where can I cum?

The regular session is you cumming in my hand/your stomach. There is no extra for this and I do clean you up with clean white face cloths afterwards. If you wish to cum elsewhere there is a charge for that (see rates page for extras).

Do you offer bbbj?

I offer covered blow jobs but as always, your mileage may vary. I cannot guarantee an uncovered bj if I have not seen what I’m working with before. It depends on my comfort level with the individual so please do not beg for something I am not ok with.

How much notice do I need?

I prefer at least 3 hour’s notice to the time you desire. I may not always be home, so asking for a session in 15 min isn’t always going to get you an appointment. There are the rare times I have a no show and am already ready, and may take someone last minute.

Can I call from an blocked number?

You can, but I am not readily going to make an appointment with you. How you book if you do not want to give out your number is, you have to call first and let me know you want to book and you cannot give out your number. I then will tell you to go to the plaza near me and call from there again closer to the time you want. I will not book you in advance without a number, so you are going to have to risk losing your desired time to someone else who may want it and booked properly.

Do you do outcalls (me come to your location)?

I do not offer outcalls at this time

Do you have pets?

Yes I have 1 dog, 1 cat, and currently 4 ferrets. If you have allergies to either I may not be the place for you. They are all kept out of site and locked away on the other floor, so no one will be disturbing our time together.

Do you see couples?


Yes I am available to see couples for $180/hr. One of you has to come for a visit solo first, so I can get better acquainted with the party I will be working with. I try to spend time spoiling both of you, so do come clean and ready for fun!

Are you a squirter?

Yes, I can squirt – however it’s achieved by myself and doesn’t always happen.

I am running late, what do I do?

If you are running late, don’t panic! I realize life happens and things don’t always go as planned. First thing is please contact me asap to let me know. Most of the time the extra time can be made up, however if it’s more than 15 min and I have another booking after, that time is lost.

I am running Early, can I just show up?

No. Please contact me if you are going to be arriving earlier than our scheduled time. It’s great you’re here safely, but I may not be ready or just finishing with another booking when you think it’s ok to come up. To keep privacy as a priority, please ensure you firstly have the correct address, and ask if it’s alright to knock yet. I detest people sitting in my driveway for long periods, as well as keeping you waiting while I rush to the door to answer it.

Do you work weekends/outside hours?

I generally do not work weekends, however, if I am around and have the free time to spare, I will accept a booking. The weekend rate MAY apply depending on if I have to arrange other plans made to accommodate you. I do have a personal life and need my own down time for family/socializing/events etc.

Are you a registered massage therapist?

No. I did all the schooling but did not write my board exams to become registered in Ontario. Therefore there is no way I can give receipts for benefit coverage.

Why do I need to send money for the first session before we meet?

There has been an excess amount of NO SHOWS and unfortunately I cannot feel comfortable trusting people to keep their word that they will show up anymore. I have a busy schedule, so when I make time to see a client I make arrangements to do so.  After I give the address and the person still sounds serious up to 10 min beforehand and no shows, this is a huge waste of my time that could have been used to be with someone more committed. The amount of $40 is half of the shortest session I offer. Will be sent via etransfer and once the amount is ok on my end, you will get the address for the session. Upon meeting, the rest of the donation will be made up in cash.
It really does sadden me to have to go this route, but I believe my time and skills are worth it.