Ms. Jessica Dark

Update #4 October 14 2020: Cast came off on the 7th and fully functional. I am able to book sessions again 🙂  Also I am available my regular 5 days a week again 10am-10pm. If you wish to wear a mask here, totally fine. Still no kissing or touching of my head is allowed. Please contact me for an appointment using a cell number that is callable. Like everything else now, in case of an emergency or contact, I need to be able to be responsible. So no payphones or google numbers or burner numbers out of respect for your health.

Update #3 August 30, 2020: Well the unthinkable has happened and I have injured myself and now sport a hardy cast on my favourite wrist. This means I can no longer work and stay sanitary to see clients for a few weeks. It happened on my motorcycle so there is not just me that is banged up. I am resting with a fractured wrist and bruises all on my body, but I expect a full recovery. Thanks for the sessions up until now, see you in the fall check back for more updates!!!


Some things to note:
No kissing on my head of any kind permitted.

I have never had or been in contact with someone with Covid-19.

I have gained some weight due to my gym and dance studio being closed. If this bothers you, perhaps you will have to wait. I assure you my size doesn’t affect the ability of my massage

Step into my massage studio to experience the heights of relaxation and pleasure, wrapped together in an unforgettable sensation to awaken the senses. Located in Kitchener, Ontario I have been in the adult massage business for over 10 years – ever evolving and gaining new skills. Graduated in late 2007 from a local Massage therapy college, I was introduced into the adult end of things later on. Combining my skills and education has resulted in a successful massage career.

Age: early 30’s
Hair colour: natural blonde as of August 23 2020
Body type: Curvy/thick/BBW/belly/big ass
Shoe size: 10
Bust: 38B/C
Height: 5ft6



I like moshing at concerts – where else can you get in contact with that many sweaty guys all at once?! I go to several festivals a year as well, I just love the whole concert experience!

I am really into heavy metal/rock genres.

Some of my favorite bands are Slipknot, In Flames, Pantera, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Mudvayne, Eluveitie, Psychostick, Hatebreed, Stone Sour, Soilwork, Dry Kill Logic, Rickets, Chevelle, Evans Blue, Amon Amarth, Slayer, Testament, Behemoth, Hell Yeah, Devil Driver, Code Orange, Wardruna, Rammstein and tons more!

Fitness (ON pause until the pandemic is over with):

I have been taking pole dancing lessons and classes for almost 5 years now at a studio located in Waterloo. It’s definitely a passion of mine and I love to dance! I am by no means a pro yet, but it’s been fun learning and meeting other people with the same interest! There may be some bruising on odd pats of my body from this practice, so please be aware if anything looks unusual it’s because of pole dancing. (I am not able to do pole now cause of my injury. I plan to get back to it once I have my strength back).